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about layla luna

Hi! My name is Joie and I'm the founder of Layla Luna. 

I'm so glad you found us!

Named after my Maltipoo, Layla and my love for the Sun & Moon, Layla Luna was created in hopes to spread awareness about the reality of the state of shelters and how they function.

After visiting shelters in Singapore and discovering just how much goes into keeping hundreds of homeless animals alive and healthy, it was evident to me that more could be done. 


Most of us have a general idea of the basic functionalities of a shelter and the ones we are familiar with are the more fortunate ones who have an established name and funding from big entities. Likewise, I assumed everything was fine and well, and that only those few shelters existed. It did not occur to me, until going to them, that there are multiple shelters who operate on funds from the pockets of the founders. Donations from the public occasionally stream in, but it is often barely enough to cover the various costs of 100 animals and sometimes, more.

This is where we all come in! I understand that donating money is tough sometimes, but there are so many other ways we can contribute to these shelters like volunteering, buying from brands who benefit shelters & spreading the word!

Our baby steps may seem small, but collectively we can make a huge difference.

We are all blessed with voices that can reach the masses if we wanted to. 

Let's use that for the greater good and speak up for these animals who are unable to for themselves ♡



All my love

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