Human: Charlie

Doggo: Leia


Charlie is human to two rescued deng cattos named Maisy and Malone.


Leia was an ex-breeding dog who was rescued by the good folks of VFA (Voices For Animals) when the owner of the puppy mill she was from was ordered to be shut down due to improper care of the canines. One day, out of curiousity, Daniel visited VFA with the intention of solely viewing another dog. Fate had other plans, because Daniel was then introduced to Leia, who was the under VFA's care. Upon their interaction, Daniel knew that it was meant to be, and that he was going to be Leia's human for good.


Leia enjoys her daily walks with Daniel and getting rump massages by nudging her human with her nose to get them.


  • - Half-metal frame 

    - Gold-tone hardware

    - Clear lenses

    - Adjustable nose pads for a snug fit

    - Slim metal arms with curved temple tips