Human: Joie

Duck: Potato


Joie is human to a doggo named Layla.


Potato was part of a batch of duck eggs that were meant for balut. Her will, along with her siblings', to see the world led to the surprise the owner of the farm got when he saw them in morning, hatched and all.

The owner of the farm asked his friend, Sandra if she was interested in adopting a duckling. She refused initially, as she'd just gotten a cockatiel. One day, Sandra went over to the farm to help out and she was introduced to a few of the ducklings. Amongst them, was Potato. She couldn't help herself and took the plunge to adopt her. Potato now lives with Ruffles (Deng Catto), Dorito (Cockatiel), and Nacho (Doggo).


  • - Plastic tortoiseshell frame 

    - Gold-tone hardware

    - Clear lenses

    - Adjustable nose pads for a snug fit

    - Slim metal arms with curved temple tips