Available in two colours: Onyx (Black) and Garnet (Red)


Human: Joy

Deng Catto: Poot Poot a.k.a. Poot


Joy is human to a rescued deng catto named Holly.


Poot was about 4 months old when she was found at a bus stop by a primary school student named Putri who brought her home. Poot didn't get along with their existing adult cat which caused her to run away, seeking shelter 7 floors down under a shoe rack outside of Bella's home.


Bella and her aunt, who lives next door, decided to take Poot in. A few days later, Putri came by to ask if they had seen a kitten. Putri and Poot were reunited!- but not for long. Putri tried to bring Poot back home, but her mother was not on board. Poor Putri had to bring the kitty back to Bella's, asking if they could take her in. Naturally, they said yes!

Poot now lives with Bella, and Putri comes to visit occasionally. 


Fun Fact: Poot is obessed with chocolate. She darts for chocolate bars when she spots one. 

Sharmzies in Onyx

  • - Metal frame 

    - Black-tone hardware

    - Dark-tinted lenses

    - Adjustable nose pads for a snug fit

    - Slim metal arms with curved temple tips