About noah's ark

Set up in June 1995 by Raymund Wee, NANAS (Noah's Ark Lodge Private Animal Shelter) is a second chance for animals that are victims of abuse, abandonment and homelessness.

Home to 700 dogs, 300 cats, horses, primates, a wild boar,

and many other small animals, Noah's Ark is a no-kill sanctuary

A good number of these animals were accepted on compassionate grounds,

meaning they had belonged to either poor, elderly, sick, or owners who have passed.

We paid them a visit in November 2019 and had such a great time saying hello

to all the residents at the sanctuary. Here are some pictures from our time there!

monthly expenditure

How much does it cost to feed 1029 animals?

Horse food

Dog food

Cat food

Senior Dogs & Cats


Maintenance & Operation


2,500 SGD

18,000 SGD

3,150 SGD

400 SGD

500 SGD

9,700 SGD

33,890 SGD

Contributions start as low as 10 SGD/month.

For more information, email nanasspore@gmail.com


20% (6 SGD) of every pair sold goes to NANAS

6 pairs sold = 1 month of Dog food

2 pairs sold = 1 month of Cat food

84 pairs sold = 1 month of Horse food